The dynamic of the real world BEGINS with the revolutions on manufacturing and ENDS with the revolution on control

In the spirit! we firmly believe in the trajectory tracking. With hope! we strongly believe in the knowledge of wise people who have opened a way to follow a path. Professors such as Itzhak Barkana, Gabriel Hoffmann, Erdic Altug, P Hynes, James P Ostrowski, Tarek Hamel, Rogelio Lozano, Camilo J Taylor, Samir Bouabdallah, Paul Pounds, Robert Mahony, Peter Corke, Vijay Kumar, Pedro Albertos, Pedro y Juan Garcia among many others! have managed to open a way where there was none, allowing others follow a path, and transforming their work in an honorable trajectory tracking. Now, in the future all these knowledge has emerged in experimental technology (x). UAs-x/Quadrotor has become an experimental standard platform for civilian, commercial and research applications. With the heart! radically we have decided to continue the trajectory tracking, opening new ways to follow.

The First step is to take a risk to dream! Our purpose is to help.

The second step is to make your ideas reality! And we are qualified to work:

  1. Do you want to design/build your Personal Drone? or Do you have a project in mind? We invite you to our house: D.R.O.N.E University
  2. Do you want to get certified as a professional pilot/operator Drones? or Do you need technical support?
  3. Do you want to know what you can or can not do with a Drone? We tell you!
  4. Sporting events and Training courses!